Rosebud Silhouette and Benchrest Club

The range is located at the Homestead shooting facility 38 km. west of Calgary on Highway 1, 16 km south on Highway 68, then 6 km south on the Homestead Road.
The club has Smallbore Silhouette, High-power Silhouette and 100 yard, 200 yard and 300 yard Benchrest ranges. Both firing points are covered and we have a clubhouse with a wood-stove for those days that are a little cool on the trigger finger.
Membership: (per calendar year)
          Individual $145.00     Family $185.00     Clubhouse key $5.00
          Full Time Student (over18 - under 25)  $45
Membership in the Rosebud Club includes membership in the:

Alberta Provincial Rifle Association (our landlord).

Silhouette Match Schedule 2003

  May 10th 
40SB/40HP Handicap
  July 5th & 6th 
Provincial High Power Championships 
  Aug 23rd 
40SB/40HP Handicap
                                 RANGE WILL BE CLOSED ON THE ABOVE DATES
Note: All Silhouette matches are sanctioned by AMSA and are shot under current NRA Rules. All competitors must be members of AMSA or their local State or Provincial Association. First time shooters may be exempted fees at the discretion of the Match Director. Matches start at 10:00AM and entry fees are $10.00 per rifle (except Provincial Championships).
Benchrest Match Schedule 2003
The following dates have been scheduled for benchrest matches in 2003;

May 17; Heavy varmint and varmint hunter for score 100 & 200yds.
This will be a good opportunity to get a fun day in. Non registered match, no trophies, $5.00/yd., gun.

June 28; Light varmint & Heavy varmint for group @ 100yds. REGISTERED MATCH
Hunter & varmint hunter for score @ 200yds. Non registered. No trophies. $5.00/yd./gun.
Benches will be drawn for on a per person basis, in other words if you are shooting both yardages you will be at the same bench for both. There will be a bench rotation at noon when the class changes. If you intend to shoot hunter at this match come preloaded as it will be shot between group relays.

July 12 ; Light varmint and Heavy varmint for group @ 200yds. Registered match.
Hunter and varmint hunter for score @ 100yds. Same as above as per fees and schedule.

August 9 & 10; Alberta Provincials please see below for details.


Alberta Provincial Group Championship
All matches are BRSC registered, IBS rules apply.
Registration at 8:00-8:50 a.m.   Shooting starts at 9:00 a.m. sharp.
Extra time will be allowed for lunch at yardage change and to award door prizes.
Group matches will have an additional 3 minutes added to the first match at each yardage.
At all shoots, one class will finish a yardage before the next class starts.
Alberta Provincial Group Championship Cup to the Two-Gun winner. Trophies to be awarded to the first three places for each range aggregate and the first five places in the grand aggregate.
Yardage rotations apply.
All competitors must be members of the NBRSA, IBS, SFC or BRSC.
Fees: $15 Canadian per class per yardage plus optional $5 Canadian per class per yardage Money Pot
Turkey Supper saturday evening free to all paid registrants and volunteers.
$5.00 fee to others
Pre-registration is required at least 30 days prior to match. $10.00 penalty for late registration.
contact: Tony Gauthier 403-934-5727 days
                                 403-901-0735 evening



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Contact us by mail at:
Rosebud Silhouette and Benchrest Club
c/o Oscar Jansen
107 Varsity Est. Terrace NW
 Calgary, Alberta   T3B 5J6
 Phone:  403 288 8355
 E-mail contacts:

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